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Journal Publications


  • Suiseeya, Kimberly R. Marion, Loew, Patty, et alWaking from Paralysis: Revializing Conceptions of Climate Knowledge and Justice for more Effective Climate Action, 166 ANNALS, AAPSS, 700, March 2022 doi: 10.1177/00027162221095495 


  • “Social Media in Agenda-setting: The Elsipogtog First Nation and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe” with Jill Hopke (DePaul University) and Molly Simis (UW-Madison), Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Social Media and Society, 2018.


  • “Disruptive Social Media Virality: Amplifying Indigenous Resistances to Shale Gas and the Dakota Access Pipeline, with Jill Hopke ad Molly Simis-Wilkinson, 2018/11, ResearchGate, Report number, doi: 10.13140/RG.2.211058.86728.

  • “Disruptive Public Participation: Standing with Standing Rock and Elsipogtog First Nation,” research that explores political protests and internet-mediated activism, with Jill Hopke, DePaul University and Molly Simis Wilkinson, UW-Madison (in progress).


  • Loew, Patty, “A Digital Gift to the Seventh Generation,” Yukhika-latuhse: She Tells Us Stories (Oneida Nation Native Journal), Fall 2013.


  • Loew, Patty and Thannum, James, “After the Storm: Ojibwe Treaty Rights 25 Years after the Voigt Decision,” American Indian Quarterly, Vol. 35, Number 2, (spring 2011).                         

  • Tynan, Tim and Loew, Patty “Organic Video Approach: Using New Media to Engage Native Youth in Science," American Indian Culture and Research Journal, Volume 34, Number 4 (winer 2010)


  • Loew, Patricia and Mella, Kelly. “Black Ink and the New Red Power, Native American Newpapers and Sovereignty.” Journalism and Communication Monographs. Columbia: Autumn 2005. Vol. 7, Iss. 3.  


  • Loew, Patty, “Tinker to Evers to Chief: Baseball From Indian Country, Wisconsin Magazine of History, Vol. 87, Number 3 (spring 2004).


  • Loew, Patty, “Back of the Homefront: Oral Histories of Native American and African-American Wisconsin Women During World War Two,” Wisconsin Magazine of History, Vol 82, Number 2 (winter 1998-99).


  • Loew, Patty, “Natives, Newspapers and ‘Fighting Bob,’ Wisconsin Chippewa in the ‘UnProgressive’ Era,” Journalism History, Volume 23 Number 4 (winter 1997-98).


  • Loew, Patty, “Hidden Transcripts in the Chippewa Treaty Rights Dispute: A Twice-Told Story,” American Indian Quarterly, Volume 22 Number 1 (winter 1998).


Book Chapters

  • “Foreword,” Etherington, Bonnie, et al., Amherst College Press (forthcoming).

  • “No Matter What, We Are Deeply Connected to the Places We Come From,” Chapter 3, Wali, Alaka, et al., Field Museum’s exhibit (forthcoming).


  • “News Coverage in Native America,” Wolter, Patti, et al., open access digital journalism textbook, Medill School (forthcoming).

  • Fifty Events that Shaped American Indian History, edited by Donna Martinez (University of Colorado-Denver, publication expected winter 2015-2016).


    “Introduction” to American Indians and the American Mass Media, edited by Meta Carstarphen and John Sanchez (Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2012).


  • “Chief Buffalo” and “Sandy Lake,” Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty, Donald Fixico, editor (Oxford, UK: ABC-Clio) 2007.


  •  “Native American Culture and the Media,” (co-authored with Shiela Reaves), the Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications, Donald H. Johnston, Editor, (San Diego : Academic Press, 2003).


  • Loew, Patty, “Odanah Star: 1912-1914” A Wisconsin Fifteen, (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1998).










Documentaries & Media Projects
  • Native Truths: Our Voices. Our Stories," advisory committee for the new permanent exhibit on Native Americans at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.


  • These Canoes Carry Culture, interactive website created by the undergraduate students in my Native American Environmental Issues and the Media class, Northwestern University.

  • Sacred Stick, made for PBS documentary about the indigenous origins of lacrosse (with Michelle Danforth), aired on PBS affiliates, 2013.


  • Protect our Future, documentary co-produced with three 14-year-old tribal youth about the Bad River Ojibwe wild rice bed and threat from a proposed iron mine, twenty-three regional and national screenings in 2013-2014. 


  • Naanan Nimiseyug (My Five Sisters), documentary produced with St. Croix Outreach Center, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College, about the personal histories of five elders on the St. Croix Ojibwe Reservation, 2012.


  • Earth Day Portrait, narration/consultation for John Harmon-composed symphony performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, distributed by Oxford University Press 2010.


  • National Parks of Wisconsin, host, Wisconsin Public Television statewide documentary, airdate October 19, 2009.


  • After the Storm, 30-minute Ojibwe treaty rights documentary for Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission Symposium, co-produced with advanced UW-Madison video students, screened at Earth Day Conference, Nelson Center for Environmental Studies, April 2010.


  • Act 31 Online Resource, narrator and consultant for online teacher resource on Native Americans for UW School of Education, Sept. 16, 2008.


  •  Transition to DTV, WHA TV, host and narrator for digital transition documentary, Sept. 4, 2008.


  •  Trumpeter Swans, narration for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, April 18, 2008.


  •  Way of the Warrior, produced, wrote, and narrated one-hour documentary about Native American soldiers in the 20th century, aired nationally on PBS, November 2007 and May 2011.


  • “Nation Within a Nation,” produced, wrote, and narrated segment on Menominee Termination, aired nationally on PBS, 1998.



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