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A Cruise through the Sloughs

Tuesday's weather didn't cooperate, so we switched things up and went to Joe Rose's roundhouse to learn about Ojibwe culture. Tim Fish (Muscogee) did a pretty good job leading...what else...the Fish Dance, a men's dance with James, Alec, and Don following. Not bad for a Muscogee...

After a few hours listening to Joe and Ed Thomas share history and stories, everyone participated in a Traveling Dance and danced right out the door. I'm not sure where Tim Fish learned his moves, but they sure didn't look Ojibwe to me...(he he).

The UW undergrads pair up with Bad River middle schoolers to co-create stories that explore health in a cultural context. Today we learned about cultural health and the significance of songs, dances, and storytelling. Tomorrow we investigate environmental health by touring the Kakagon Sloughs and learning about manoomin--Wild Rice.

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