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Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Appetites

No one could accuse of us of not eating well during the Global Health Field Course at Bad River. Walleye at the Bad River Lodge on Day 1 and wood-fired pizza and spectacular desserts served family style at Dalou's in Washburn on Day 2.

Dalou's could be my favorite eatery on the Bayfield Peninsula. Fresh produce, pizza from an oven imported from Italy and homemade gelato, creme brule, and fabulous desserts from a pastry-trained chef. Yummmmmm.

Then there was the trip to Freehands Farm in Ashland, a farm-to-table restaurant where whatever is fresh is on the menu (below). Fabulous food in a stunning environment!

Day 4 was a trip to the best Mexican restaurant in Ashland, the El Dorado. Where the food is not only delicious, but the burritos are as big as your head (hmmm, that may be a certain Madison restaurant's tag line)...or at least big enough to warrant taking a picture.

We did try to walk off at least one big dinner. There's a lovely lakeshore walking path in Washburn where we saw THE most beautiful sunset.

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