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Week 4 Global Health Field Course

The final week of Tribal Youth Media is integrated into a UW-Madison Global Health Field Course. Each year eight to ten undergrads, most of whom are planning to be doctors or public health professionals, spend a week with me exploring health in a cultural context. I've enjoyed every group that's traveled with me, but I have to say this year's group was really special.

We arrived at Bad River on Monday, August 1st and met our group of middle schoolers, some of whom had been with us the week before, including Shay, Ma'iingan, and Janae.

We found the Reservation trying to get back to normal. I was worried that the Pow Wow Grounds wouldn't be ready in time for the Manoomin Pow Wow August 26-28th, but the Pow Wow grounds were drying out nicely. Look at the "Before" and "After" pictures of the area. I imagine the roof of the drum arbor is at least 8 feet...maybe 12. Can you imagine how much water Bad River got in order to create THIS much flooding?

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