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Bad River Flood Through the Eyes of Middle Schoolers

Week 3 of our Tribal Youth Media workshops ended with a really compelling video produced by five young women, ages 11, 12, and 13. They interviewed Esie Leoso-Corbine, head of Social and Family Services for the Bad River Band, who directed a dedicated emergency response team of volunteers. Esie describes not only how her office responded to the flood disaster, but also the personal toll the flood took on her sisters and mother. Ma'iingan, Janae, and Shay shot interviews and video of the community center; Daryl shot the rolling video (she sat on a flatbed cart with Grad assistant Tim Fish pushing her) and Reese composed original music for the credits. I've never worked with a group of middle schoolers who were as supportive of each other and as enthusiastic in the way they approached media production. Well done ladies!!!

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