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Week 4, Day 5 Final Day, Final Week, Final Workshop of 2015

Whoo Hooooo! The final projects have been completed for this last week of workshops. This week produced some of my favorites--Destiny, Cali, and Kim's interview with Edith Leoso on the boat, for example. I said this to Destiny then and I'll say it again, I have NEVER seen anyone hand hold a large video camera and keep it so steady for so long (and I'm including many of the professional videograpers I've worked with over the decades).

Or how about Ian's creative video using TYN's GoPro Camera and featuring a very cool soundtrack supplied by Joe and Kaitlyn.

This was a particularly gratifying week. The UW Students were enthusiastic and open to the people, ideas, and places they visited this week. The Bad River youth worked really hard on their video essays and I'm so happy that many of their parents and friends joined us for the premiere of their work on Friday. Giga wabemin mina wa (I'll see you again) next year!

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