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Day 3 BUGS and More!!!!

Okay...macroinvertebrate testing may not float your boat, but if you said: "hey, whattya say we get wet and go net some bugs" that might be a different story. In the morning, TYMers teamed up with 14 other teens who were part of the UW Arboretum's "Learning from the Land" program. That group, which included teens from Red Cliff, swept the Potato River for macroinvertebrates. Scientists from the Bad River Natural Resources department explained that the number and diversity of bugs is a good measure of the health of the river. The youth learned that the Potato River looks to be healthy and the adults would like their help in making sure that it stays that way. Here's a story produced by Julie (video), Isaiah and Ahpahne (music composition). Underwater GoPro video by Novalee and Hailee.

In the afternoon, Novalee (producer), Hailee (video), Devon (interviewer and music) and Christian (GoPro) created their video about seining on Lake Superior (soon to be on the Bad River TYM website). Here's Hailee and Devon setting up for their interview.

Novalee (below) was one of the most competent producers I've seen in all my years with TYM. Boy, did this young woman have her act together!

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