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Week 1, Day 5: Ta Dah!

We did it! We actually put together a website, created a photo gallery, uploaded videos and composed original music for our new website. Week One participants attached their personal webpages to the site and they look great. Through their personal pages, we get to know them beyond just their skills with media. We meet their families, learn their interests, and the issues they care about. And they do care a lot about what's going on--marriage equality, bullying, world events., etc. They have a point of view and now they have a place to share it. Below, you'll find a few of the stunning photographs that filmmakers produced and the home page from the new Bad River Tribal Youth Media website. Many, many thanks to Jessie Conaway, Reynaldo Morales, Fawn Young-bear Tibberts and especially to co-director Don Stanley, who is an AMAZING web designer and teacher. This four-week program would not have been possible without the strong support of the UW-Department of Life Sciences Communication and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Che Miigwetch (thank you so much) to the Baldwin Fund and Morgridge Match for generously providing the funds to grow the next generation of Native storytellers!

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